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Janoušek & Havlíček is a creative rendering studio founded in 2015 specialised in high-end architectural visualisation. 

Our focus is to constantly explore the nature of contemporary architecture and translate it into iconic visualisations, always pushing the most advanced design tools at the limit. Through a deep knowledge of architecture, landscape, photography and a close collaboration with the designers team, the studio provides powerful architectural images for every kind of project.

Our process


Information phase

Before the project starts we ask for all information & materials we need and will make you price offer. On project start we usually set up a call where you tell us all about your great project.


Project communication

We process the whole 3d model, materials etc. and prepare lighting scenarios and cameras. These previews will already look as close as possible to the final images.



Once you select your desired images we process your comments and deliver final visualizations!


Competition & project images

Images for architectural and urbanistic competitions or any kind of architectural project you can think of.

Commercial images

Images for real estate and urban development of any scale.


Interior images

Images of your interior spaces with any kind of decoration, furniture, equipment you think and like.


Also doing some animations to show your design in motion.

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