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Martin Janoušek

Cofounder of our studio. He has studied Faculty of architecture, Brno university of technology where he met his other two colleagues Jan & Patricia. Found his passion for a visual representation of projects already during his studies.


Jan Havlíček

Cofounder of our studio has also studied Faculty of architecture. Jan is a technical expert of our studio as he knows his way with the various software.

Patrícia Moráviková

Latest addition to our studio. Patrícia has studied Faculty of architecture as well.

She has also the most experience in architectural practice: 2018 - 2019 worked in Vesta architecture and INOUTarchitettura in Italy. 2021 in design & interior studio Masquespacio in Valencia, Spain.

Patrícia is interested in fashion and design in general - will help and advise you with detailed interior design.


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