Children's town Hodonin

Children's town Hodonin

MAAUS — 2023

The children's pioneer town and its atmosphere as a theme is a challenge in itself and does not come up often. The visuals for the project of reconstruction of the children's town in Hodonín after the devastation of the original one by a tornado drew us in and didn't let us breathe until we managed to achieve the desired atmosphere of a children's world, the world of a little cowboy who ties his horse to the wooden railing in front of a western bar. Little gardeners run merrily about the grounds watering brightly colored scented flowers, little Indians with axes and headbands with real feathers argue over who will be chief of the Apache today. A simple mood from the coveted analogue days, true and real. Dear children, you are welcome!


© Janoušek & Havlíček visualizations

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