Home of Matilda

Home of Matilda

Muuan — 2023

The warm soft lights from the interiors contrast strikingly with the damp forest chill that surrounds them, thus typical of the mushroom and moss scented chill which we are generously willing to endure because we are pleasant by a certain magical charm of the world itself. The moist woods and meadows do not cease to sing the beckoning song and tempt many a tourist to take a walk. He then, cold and overdressed, but contented and uplifted joyfully accepts the invitation to the cosy and whimsical interior of the spa filled this time with warm steam. Or just sitting on the outdoor terrace immersed in the in the mist and fill your lungs with fresh and clean air is an experience of a completely different nature. We loved to can express that feeling on the images of hotel with spa in a small village in Finland.


© Janoušek & Havlíček visualizations

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